Avotor’s music has best been described akin to a post-industrial/nuclear soundtrack for a film by Cronenberg or Lynch mixed combined with giant post-scapes that at times ebbs and flows from being down right errie whilst at others brutally heavy. Neither ambient nor entirely abrasive, Avotor’s unique sound(let’s call it avobrasient) explores uncharted sonic territory with words like haunting, confrontational and atmospheric so often thrown around when describing the band.

Avotor was formed in mid-1998 (in Auckland, New Zealand where they still reside) combining environmental audio influences with modern music techniques. With help from a circle of additional musicians, Avotor began touring and released their debut album entitled LOOMING (currently out of print) on the electronic based Kog Transmissions label in late 1999.

They have contributed to numerous compilations, released a limited edition clear 8″ vinyl single, have remixed acts such as Concord Dawn (released as a limited edition 7″ white label vinyl single), have played with the likes of Makebelieve, Witch, Concord Dawn, and Jakob. Several tracks have been licensed to local New Zealand TV shows, and the track ‘Freezeover’ was used in the motion picture ‘The Irrefutable Truth About Demons’, which became the most successful New Zealand film since the acclaimed ‘Once Were Warriors’ until 2002.

In mid 2001 Avotor released ILLOOMING, an EP that would showcase alternative versions of their early tracks from their debut album. Numerous shows were played to support the release of these recordings until BILLION was let loose in November 2003 throughout New Zealand. 2004 and 2005 saw them play shows thorughout New Zealand, Latvia, Germany, Poland, Belgium, UK, and The Netherlands, along with some new members joining the alliance and recording new tunes for their recently released new 7″ Nothing But Surrender/Glacier Weapon, and the new track Let Them Try on the compilation COALESCENCE alongside Jakob and No Funeral. 2006 proved to be a year where they’ve played their first shows in the USA as well as the beginning of the studio sessions that will make up their soon to be third album.

Avotor Discography

Looming [CD Album] Kog Transmissions/Syncline
Collectow March/Freezeover [8" Acetate Limited Edition to 50 copies] Crawlspace
Illooming [CD EP] Kog Transmissions/Syncline.
Disease/Wait And See – Remixes of Concord Dawn & Unknown Artist[7" vinyl - limited edition to 100 white labelcopies]
Billion [CD Album] Midium Records
Nothing But Surrender/Glacier Weapon – [7" single] Midium Records

Compilation appearances

“Mercy From The Sky [Overcast]” – [CD]ADSR Kog 5th Birthday. Out-take from the Illooming remix sessions. Remixed by Avotor.
“Climate Change[Open]” – [CD]ADSR Kog 3rd Birthday. As appeared on the Illooming EP.
“Climate Change[Open]” – [CD]Kog Transmissions 2002 Sampler. As appeared on the Illooming EP.
“Water Ray[Live]” – Radio 95bFM Live To Air from 2001.
“Let Them Try”- [Compilation 12" EP]Midium Provides-”Coalescence”.
“We Will Rise” – [Compilation 12" EP]Midium Provides-”Effectuation”.

Remixes by Avotor

“Pneumonic [monious] – V/A A Flip And Two Twisters compilation-2LP compilation – Remix of the Jakob track “Pneumonic”.
“Zookeeper[Ravange]” – Zookeeper [CD single] – Remix by Avotor of the Indicator Dogs track, “Zookeeper”.
“Missing Units Empty Spaces[Avotor remix]” – Unreleased. Remix of Pitch Black track of the same name.


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