For those who have seen their blistering live show, Kerretta will no doubt be high on the to see gig agenda. Those yet to experience the propulsive, driving rock of this instrumental three-piece have a chance to see them push the envelope of
tone and dynamics in an intense half hour set. Their catchy, sometimes ambient and occasionally earsplittingly heavy brand of ‘molten-core’ will appeal to fans of Sigur Ros and Bailterspace, but discerning listeners will know the trio
peddle a uniquely atmospheric take on angular rock.


Death In The Future/Wisnierska – 7″ single [Midium]
Antient – 12″ EP [Midium]
Vilayer – LP/CD/Digital download [Midium/Golden Antenna]
Saansilo – LP/CD/Digital download [Midium/Golden Antenna]


“Shoot This Messenger” – Exclusive track for the V/A compilation “Effectuation” [Midium]


“Champion” – A Kerretta remix of the track “Champion” by Scribe released in Australia only as a digital only version of the album “Rhymebook”.
“Birdsong” – A Kerretta remix of the track “Birdsong” by Pitch Black released on the Pitch Black album “Rhythm, Sound and Movement”.


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