Midium April 2007 update April 3, 2007

Kia oraOut 2nd April in Europe, you are able to pick up Jakob’s
latest album “Solace”! Pinch and a punch for the 2nd of the month, but
not for these cats from the UK who have some very kind words and have
mentioned: Jakob, a trio from Napier whose grasp of
instrumental, effects-heavy, psychedelic postrock would be quietly
world-famous if they hailed from the genre’s Texan epicenter. Sunday
Times UK..this record is a perfect example of the yin and yang
of the instrumental noise rockers’ world – when Jakob nail the tension
between the squall of noise and the quiescent stillness, there is some
wonderful music here. Twisted Ear UKThe album will also be
available in North America on the 5th May through Southern and will
also be available in the ever saucy vinyl format on coloured vinyl on
the same date. Remember the friendly persons at CTD in Chicago,
Il, USA, [www.sakistore.net] sell all of the other albums and 7″s and
stuff into local stores in North America as well as other Midium
Records aural saucers. Conspiracy Records in Belgium also are kind
enough to do the same [www.conspiracyrecords.com].Avotor has
been able to finally for the first time ever deliver a track when
they’ve said they would. That’s right, new song! You can go to their
www.myspace.com/avotor to check out about 75% of the song…it goes on
for about 7 minutes so they’ve uploaded an edit so save on loading time.…. oh and go buy the new High Dependency Unit 7″ as it reigns.

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