New Jakob release available 26 October

“Dominion”, the new CD from Jakob is limitied edition, hand-numbered, and only available online[go to the releases page] and at their live shows!!!

New Jakob release

There will be a new Jakob mini album “Dominion” released September 30!! It will be a limited edition 1 track numbered compact disc and will be available at restricted outlets. More information to come later on in the week!

Defender call it quits

After 5 years of staying under the radar in the Chicago music scene, several line-up changes, international tours, one failed US tour, ambitious live performances, broken instruments, lost instruments, one ambitious improv residency, bad reviews, several unreleased albums recorded and playing in front of hundreds of people … Defender[who split a 12" EP with Meterman] [...]

Avotor U.S.A. shows cancelled

Unfortunately due to unforseen circumstances, Avotor have had to cancel their shows in Chicago, USA. Avotor wishes to apologise to those that had taken the time out to organise them. They promise to be back very soon!!

Jakob Semaphore/To Be Locked Up 7″s available

Jakob are pleased to anounce the availability of their Semaphore 7″ single available through the Hellsquad label. The b-side to the track “Semaphore” taken from their album Cale:Drew will be the unreleased “To Be Locked Up” that was recorded in the same sessions as the tracks from their album.

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