Avotor Billion

Released November 11, 2003

The new album from Avotor entitled ‘Billion’sees the band taking elements from previous releases, ‘Looming’ and their remix EP ‘Illooming’ to create a darker, more intense piece of work, all housed in a luscious 18 page hand-stitched book. Written, produced and captured over three and a half years throughout various areas in New Zealand ‘Billion’ is heavier than both that of their earlier recordings. Faster paced, more organic and certainly more direct, Billion encapsulates many of the elements that are present at their live shows and given extensive listens the new album shows the combining of centrifugal bass, icebergs of punishing heaviness and layers of poignant space.Billion evolves from track to track displaying elements such as Creepers driving bass and oceans of ever fluctuating audioscapes, against The Day The Great Wind Came with its furious assault on every audible frequency. Billion was crafted to listen to at a large volume… so play loud.

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