Jakob Cale:Drew

Released August 7, 2003

The new album from Jakob entitled ‘Cale:Drew’ sees the band taking elements from previous releases, ‘Subsets of Sets’ and their self-titled first release to create a darker, more intense piece of work. Recorded with David Holmes and Jesse Booher in Wellington, early 2003, at The Church, the songs encapsulate the period of time between the release ‘Subsets of Sets’ and ‘Cale:Drew’.

This is most prominent in the songs ‘Skew..arrd’ & ‘The Diffusion of Our Inherent Situation’ with their dissonant and reconnecting movement which contrasts with their first single ‘Semaphore’ of which was conceived during the ‘Subsets of Sets’ sessions.

Guest appearances on the album include, Jane Pierre- cello on ‘Faye’, Jesse Booher from Looma – guitar on ‘I Was Hidden’ and Tristan Dingemans of HDU – guitar on ‘Laburnum’.

1. “Controle”
2. “The Diffusion of Our Inherent Situation”
3. “Semaphore”
4. “Faye”
5. “I Was Hidden”
6. “Jimmy Hoffa”
7. “Laburnum”
8. “Skew…aard”

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