Meterman - Hemispheres

Meterman Hemispheres

Released September 2, 2002

This 12″ vinyl EP features New Zealand’s angular rock band Meterman and Chicago’s synth stars Defender, entitled “HEMISIPHERES”. A split release between the South Pacific’s Midium and the Northern Hemispheres Some Odd Pilot Records, this release showcases some of the best indie rock available today. Meterman has recently been getting the attention of the BBC with tracklistings on John Peel’s, ‘Radio One’ show and have also just released their second full-length album “Reset Start Reset”. Members of Defender are currently playing in bands with members of Tortoise, Stereolab and The For Carnation.First up Meterman introduces the EP with four solid tracks of driving synth bass, loud guitars and punishing drums. Tracks such as “City Hum” have a prog-like influence and come up against thrashing punk infused songs like “Ultimate”. Both “Ultimate” and “Midihum” are alternative versions of the same song that included on their second album entitled “Reset Start Reset”, and “City Hum” and as well as its reprise are sourced from their debut album “The Silver Age”.On the flip side USA’s Defender bring in a more subtle, subliminal approach with notable comparisons to bands like Trans Am, Can, and God Speed You Black Emperor. Both tracks “Please And Thank You” and “Aim High” are beautiful improvised melodies that phase in and out of a wall of abrasive analogue noises.


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