Avotor Nothing But Surrender / Glacier Weapon

Released September 8, 2005

Recorded in the middle of Aotearoa’s winter in 2005, these tracks are a exclusive to this 7″ and are the result of a new line-up in the band and a further evolution in the sonic experiment that is Avotor. More raw and organic than tracks previously released under Avotor, this 7″ is a great change to the brooding listener-intense tracks of the past and is more direct in its approach. Limited and won’t be on the next album!

Nothing But Surrender starts off with a slow buildup of bass and flows from gentle note bending into feedback chaos, stops to take a breather before crashing back into a driving bass line and head nodding groove. Glacier Weapon is even more stripped back on the noise front and begins from an uneasy drum pattern and off-kilter minor notes into straight-up 2-note guitar riffage.

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