Jakob Solace

Released September 12, 2006

The opening bars of Solace and beyond are unmistakably the work of three fellows from Napier, continuing to infiltrate eardrums the world over with their expansive organic instrumentals. The outcome of another formidable pairing with producer extraordinaire David Holmes, Solace refines Jakob’s approach, taking their sound a step beyond the existing body of work that includes three previous records – their self-titled debut, Subsets Of Sets and Cale:Drew.

The nature of Jakob’s music is well-established yet never predictable, ebbing and flowing in a fluid motion as it takes hold of the listener, initially enticing you inside their ocean-sized compositions before dragging your ears through cascading Great Wall-sized slabs of sound. Album opener “Malachite” ushers the listener into a vast cavernous space you never knew existed inside your speakers while “Oran Mor” finds the trio at their most severe, a tight groove leading into blistering sonic squalls. Solace also features guest spots from Tristan Dingemans[HDU] and H.Walker[Avotor/Kerretta].

While Solace stays true to the band’s roots, this ain’t fodder for a Wellington cafe, instead showcasing the telepathic interplay of three musicians whose years of playing together are immediately obvious. Assured and confident, Jakob’s new record is the product of a band continuing to peak, the miles clocked up touring New Zealand and beyond (including acclaimed appearances at South By Southwest and Denmark’s Forma Nova festival) paying off more and more in each one of the group’s recordings.

Their shows around New Zealand have included a headline slot on August’s A LOW HUM nationwide tour, Big Day Out appearances, onstage collaborations with Damo Suzuki, and shows with kindred Kiwi spirits HDU, Avotor, Operation Rolling Thunder and many more. The passport stamps have continued to accumulate, with shows around the globe as Jakob toured their way through Western Europe, the USA, and Australia (with local heavyweights Cog). Available on Digipak CD[NZ/UK/USA]/Jewelcase CD[AU] and 2LP Vinyl with original artwork[US pressing through Graveface Records] and alternative artwork[EU pressing through Conspiracy Records].

Throughout their travels they’ve added likeminded acts like Mono and Pelican to the list of international contemporaries they have performed alongside – as well as some very different beasts entirely, The Hidden Hand who featured on the Probot album for instance. Measured, mesmerising, and equal proportions delicate and brutal, Solace should be sought immediately – that it is Jakob’s finest work to date is no small compliment to a group that continues to enthral audiences everywhere.

4.”Oran Mor”
5.”Safety in Numbers”
6.”Everything All of the Time”
7. “Saint”

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