Jakob Subsets of Sets

Released August 17, 2001

This is the first full length record by Napier, New Zealand’s Jakob and is an altogether more driving, rockier affair than their following record Cale:Drew, dripping with Jeff Boyle’s signature lush guitar parts that will make anyone’s ears want to pay attention. With bomb-like sereneness, ‘Subset of Sets’ flows from ocean deep lulls to ferocious peaks that threaten the longevity of ones listening device.

Recorded by David Holmes, at the Venn Production studios in their hometown, Jakob have been able to capture both the pin-drop quietness of the most subtle spacious harmonic, as well as the dense wall of sound that is so powerful in their live shows. From the lush layers of melodic guitar, sonorous bass and oscillating grooves displayed in Ageena to the laid back of Aural, this is a classic post rock record from a classic band.

1. Drive Here and Then
2. I’m On Your Side
3. Nice Day for an Earthquake
4. Ageena
5. A Moment from Different Angles
6. Aural
7. Calmrock
8. Overseen
9. Saiines
10. Ryan
11. The Collar Sets Well
12. Some Summer

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