Kerretta Vilayer

Released July 27, 2007

Kerretta – Vilayer – Recorded in Aotearoa New Zealand, and produced by the band themselves, Vilayer is the first full length album containing 8 tracks of instrumental goodness. From silent to violent and back again, Vilayer captures the band performing tracks sourced from numerous shows and never been heard before material. Nominated for the New Zealand 2010 Taite Music Prize. Available on gatefold vinyl, CD, Digital.


1. Sleepers
2. Maven Fade
3. The Secret Is Momentum
4. Dinshah
1. The Square Outside
2. Nest Of Spies
3. White Lie
4. Bone Amber Reigns

“4/4. Phenomenal album”. CWG Magazine (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

“5/5. Grand and epic in its own way” Chinashopmag( New York, NY, USA)

“Vilayer is an enthralling listen that hails Kerretta as a must-see band” (San Francisco, CA, USA)

“You’ll have no choice but to die, like an animal, as Kerretta have just literally slayed you with the power of their rock” (Chicago, IL, USA) *****

“Vilayer is an imposing and accomplished debut”
New Zealand Herald

Real Groove

“I say listen to this and make sure you turn up the volume”
Groove Guide Magazine

“hugely enjoyable”
New Zealand Musician

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