Midium Records

PO Box 10313
New Zealand

Email: info [at]

Midium releases can be found throughout record stores in New Zealand and Australia. If you are having trouble finding a release in Europe, Conspiracy Records and Broken Silence stock most of the Midium titles as do our friendly distributors CTD [Carrot Top Records] and their associated retail shops in North America.
Throughout this site you can also order online.

If you wish to purchase through the internet, you can find out titles via:

North America: Saki Store

Aotearoa/New Zealand, Australia: Smoke CDs or Amplifier

Europe: Conspiracy Records


We always listen to demos. Please note however; do not send files, please send a link to your myspace or similar streaming URL. We cannot guarantee to reply however.

Additionally, we do request that you listen to the music on Midium. If you do not feel your music would be similar in any way to any of the bands on the label, please save your money and time [it’s rare!].

Thank you and good luck with your music!


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