Having just completed a tour of North America, Kerretta return to NZ with a sack full of new records, pedals, and a folder load of magazine clippings.

After claiming page space in the likes of the San Diego Reader, The Village Voice, The New York Post, The Phoenix New Times, Time Out New York, Buzz Magazine, IAMTHETREND, Fresno Bee, Chitown Notes and many more, here are some kind words some of these publications have had to say about their album Vilayer:

“4/4. Phenomenal album”.
CWG Magazine (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

“5/5. Grand and epic in its own way”
Chinashopmag (New York, NY, USA)

“Vilayer is an enthralling listen that hails Kerretta as a must-see band” (San Francisco, CA, USA)

“You’ll have no choice but to die, like an animal, as Kerretta have just literally slayed you with the power of their rock” (Chicago, IL, USA)

….and their live show!:

“They are certainly one of the finest purveyors of angular hard rock around today”.
The Aquarian (New York. NY, USA)

Kerretta are also proud to announce the release of their debut album which will be released in
Europe through Golden Antenna on May 28 2010 on CD, digital and vinyl.
Available as limited edition white vinyl on pre-order and standard black for audiophiles, you can
order these beastly beats and slick fashion wares for your high school
after-ball at:

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